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Parkinson's Disease Exercises - Exercise Will Help Decrease Your Risk

There are a lot of different Parkinson's disease exercises that you can try to help keep your movement disorder under control. Parkinson's is a disorder that affects the central nervous system and causes involuntary movements like twitching, rigidity, muscle weakness, lack of balance, coordination and impulsiveness. It's a terrible disease to have, but it can be treated. The earlier you catch it, the better. If you've been diagnosed with this disease, the earlier you start doing exercises to cope with it and the greater the chances of preventing disability and losing your independence.

Parkinson's is no joke, and it gets progressively worse as you get older. A lot of older people are sedentary and inactive, and this can be very bad for their health. Sitting around all day and being sedentary is like sitting around a pool with a stick in the mud, it wouldn't bring any benefits, it would just make things worse. So here are some exercises for parkinsons that can help you deal with the disease:

Walking is great because it not only burns a lot of calories but it is also a low-impact exercise. This means that you can easily do it anywhere and at any time. A lot of people prefer walking over running or jogging. You don't need high endurance levels to jog, walking is a great low impact exercise. And if you prefer to walk, make sure to wear a walking belt so that you stay balanced and prevent any falls.

Swimming has always been considered a ladies' exercise, but the opposite is true nowadays. It helps you burn a lot more calories and you can do it anywhere and anytime. Like walking, a swimming belt is recommended. It would be a good idea to swim laps every day so that you build up endurance and develop flexibility as well. You need to hire the gait trainer for Parkinson's exercises.

Another good exercise is biking. Bicycles don't use as much energy as run or walk, but they also help you exercise your legs. Bicycling is a fun way to burn calories, build up stamina and strengthen your lungs. Plus, it is very economical. You can even use your bike as transportation when you travel long distances or just to move around the neighborhood.

As said before, exercising your body will help in prevention of this disease. But there are some cases where Parkinson's can be aggravated by certain types of exercise. If you are suffering from depression or stress, and you often feel down then it is highly recommended to take up an exercise to relax your mind and body. Yoga is one such form of exercise. Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and has always helped those who have taken on the practice find mental peace and physical relaxation. Yoga is also very helpful in combating this disease because it will help you reduce your tension and raise your mood. For more information about this topic, click here:

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